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Tennis – Asics Gel-Blade 5 Court Shoes Mens Blue

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Product Details Asics Gel-Blade 5 Court Shoes The Asics Gel-Blade 5 Court Shoes are high-performance court shoes that have been re-designed to try and accomplish being the lighte…

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Product Details
Asics Gel-Blade 5 Court Shoes
The Asics Gel-Blade 5 Court Shoes are high-performance court shoes that have been re-designed to try and accomplish being the lightest and most innovative shoes on the market. With the Gel-Blade 5, you can now play a variety of court sports including, tennis, squash and even badminton.
Open Air Mesh Upper
The upper of the Gel-Blade 5 boast a construction of open mesh that allows air to fully permeate the fabric, keeping the wearer cool during their chosen activity. the mesh works endlessly to suck in cool, fresh air whilst at the same time pushing out hot, muggy air, creating the best in-shoe microclimate. In addition, synthetic overlays encase the upper to help provide a more structured fit, providing support to the upper where you need it most. Furthermore, the overlays work with the asymmetrical lacing system to provide a locked-in fit, preventing slipping from occurring during exercise.
The Asymmetrical lacing system is an anatomically correct lacing environment that reduces the potential for irritation and provides increased comfort and fit. This system reduces hot spots, chafing and discomfort, allowing the wearer to put their full focus on their training regime or game.
A Pguard is a reinforced rubber/resin compound placed on the medial side of the upper providing increased durability and protection. The P.H.F (Personalised Heel Fit) is 2 layers of memory foam that line the collar and mould to the athlete’s heel, creating a personalised and more comfortable fit. Lastly, an EVA Removable sockliner moulds to the shape of the foot, which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.
SpEVA Midsole
Just above the midsole unit but below the upper features a California slip lasting that offers stability and comfort. The upper is stitched around a canvas or EVA board and directly attached to the midsole to provide a better construction. The main bulk of the midsole is constructed from a SpEVA midsole material which improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown. The midsole unit absorbs shock and impacts forces harnessing the energy that it creates, from this point it transfers the energy to the forefoot where it uses the energy to push the wearer off into their next step.
Additionally, the midsole feature rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning which attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle. Lastly, in the midsole, the magic sole is a combination of a vented midsole and outsole to minimise weight and maximise breathability.
AHAR+ Outsole
A trusstic system features on the outsole and reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoes. This system keeps its structure during high-intensity activities preventing the construction of the shoes from collapsing which in turn can cause injury. Secondly, an NC Rubber features throughout which is a compound containing more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, resulting in enhanced traction on court systems.
The outsole is made from a special blend of organic and non-organic components, designed to enhance traction even on wet surfaces. Lastly, blown AHAR+ (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole material delivers enhanced cushioning, durability and ride to the foot.
Synthetic Upper
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